• April Muldrew

Will Smith Debuts 'Fresh Prince' Inspired Athleisure Collection

Yo homez the Bel-Air!

We all know rocking statement tees will more than likely always be a thing. And don’t let the design of the shirt be 90's inspired – taking the look to a whole ‘nother nostalgic level!

These elements undoubtedly make the perfect tee, which is precisely why I believe Will Smith is delivering us the goodies.

According to Page Six, the 51-year-old Fresh Prince will be taking us all back down memory lane with the release of his new line of merch called Bel-Air Athletics.

In a press release for the line, the collection will be “grounded in the rebellion and individuality that Will’s character embodied on the show.”

The apparel line will offer limited edition items available on Will’s website, until October 14th which will include a reversible “Academy” track jacket ($95) inspired by the school uniform blazer his character famously wore inside out.

There are also reactive items like a tie-dye T-shirt ($40) with a throwback basketball graphic that changes color with body heat, and a UV-activated T-shirt ($30) that features a caricature of Smith wearing a basketball jersey that changes from white to yellow when exposed to sunlight.

The line will also include accessories.

You know, I always see Will Smith graphic tees in stores like Hot Topic and Journeys, so they may as well come from the man himself. Kudos!

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