• April Muldrew

Widow Of Elijah Cummings To Run For His Seat In Congress

Mr. Elijah Cummings may be absent in the physical but his legacy is sure to live far beyond this life - and his wife #MayaRockeymoore is gonna make sure of it.

The widow of Representative #ElijahCummings has decided to run for the congressional seat that was vacated by him up until his passing last month.

On Monday Maya told the Baltimore sun, “I am, of course, devastated at the loss of my spouse, but his spirit is with me. I’m going to run this race and I’m going to run it hard, as if he’s still right here by my side.”

Mr. Cummings, who died in October at age 68, had represented Baltimore’s Seventh Congressional District for 13 terms beginning in 1996, and rose to become among the House’s most powerful Democrats.

Well, I’m here for it. 🤷🏾‍♀️🙌🏾