• April Muldrew

Uncle Luke to Jay Z: Resign or Continue to Be A Joke

A few days ago, it was announced that mega Latina stars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira would be headlining the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show in Miami.

Although some are looking at the move as a way to spice things up on the SuperBowl stage, others are calling it a joke.

And by others, I mean Uncle Luke.

Recently the legendary 2 Live Crew member spoke with TMZ to elaborate on his opinions he gave about Jay Z’s work with the NFL in the Miami New Times.

Luke strongly feels Miami talent was completely overlooked despite a vast array of superstars available who could’ve represented Miami well. He also feels a person of color with a hip-hop background would’ve been more suitable for the gig.

“This is a serious problem. If you’re advising, and you were at the table, and they say ‘hey look we’re not gonna include these artists from Miami.’ Jay-Z should’ve been putting in his resignation at that point and saying ‘Ya'll ain’t gone use me like this. You not gone put my name and my face out there and dirty my face up.’ And that is what the NFL is doing. If he does not resign or they don’t make this right then they’re actually using him, and then he could really be considered what a lot of people said anyway, a [sell-out].

Uncle Luke also says he has no problem with JLo and Shakira performing, he just feels they should be musical guests to an artist like PitBull.

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