• April Muldrew

TMZ Fires Van Lathan After Newsroom Dispute With A Co-Worker

It looks like our favorite outspoken #TMZ correspondent #VanLathan has been ousted due to an irrevocable argument that went down between him and now ex co-worker Michael Babcock.

According to Page Six Lathan and Babcock were in the midst of a heated discussion, surrounding politics, during a segment of TMZ Live, and afterwards Lathan allegedly confronted Babcock away from the cameras and warned him to not attempt to embarrass him again or there would be some consequences.

Lathan’s assumed threat was scaled up to the site’s attorneys and he was later suspended only to be fired days after.

The move may feel to most like a punch in the gut but Van seems to be taking things pretty well. The correspondent recently took to twitter to share his thoughts on the matter.

Whelp, there’s always greater later. Looking forward to seeing you shine on your next endeavor.