• April Muldrew

This Man Is Set To Die In Two Weeks For A Murder He Did Not Commit. Here’s How You Can Help

#AListers, If you haven’t already, please meet #RodneyReed: A man who is scheduled to have his life taken from him on November 20th in Texas for a rape and murder that forensic experts say is scientifically and medically impossible for him to have committed.

Reed was arrested for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites, a woman he was said to have been in a consensual relationship with at the time of her death.

Since his conviction mountains of evidence has surfaced that was originally kept from the jury that convicted him.

Instead the evidence points to Stites’ fiancé, Jimmy Fennell - a brutal police officer known for kidnapping and for sexual assault against women.

Fennell was subsequently incarcerated for another violent sexual assault and in his efforts to join the Aryan Brotherhood, he bragged to other prisoners that he murdered his wife for sleeping with a black man, stating “I had to kill my n*****-loving fiancé.”

Multiple witnesses have even gone as far as swearing under oath that Fennell knew about Stites’ affair with Reed, threatened to kill her because of it and made it clear at her funeral that he believed “She got what she deserved.”

In a final attempt to save Reed’s life multiple activists and celebrities have taken to social media to bring awareness to this dire situation in an effort to get Governor #GregAbbot to save his life.

You can also sign a petition to help free Rodney at FreeRodneyReed.com