• April Muldrew

Swaggy P.: I Could’ve Had Rihanna But I Chose Iggy Azalea

#SwaggyP says he could’ve been the patriarch of Haus of #Fenty but chose to turn down the chance for then girlfriend #IggyAzalea instead.

Ok Swaggy...we’re listening.

According to TMZ, the chance, which most would deem as the opportunity of a lifetime, happened back in 2014 when Young was motivated to play out of his mind after he saw Rihanna sitting courtside at Staples Center.

"I had a good game, so [the reporters] asked me why and I said, ‘you know, Rihanna was there’."

Young says the shout-out got a reaction from Rihanna who actually hit him up afterward, but he didn't follow through because he was already booed up by another #ALister.

"She hit me back, but I couldn't go full throttle with it because I was like, in the beginning stages of my relationship with [Iggy]."

Well that was a good faithful move. I also think it’s safe to say the decision not to date saved them both a lot of wasted time 🤭.