• April Muldrew

#Sharpie Is Trending on Twitter and You’ve Got to Know Why

Earlier today Nancy Pelosi dropped a bombshell that the House would be launching a formal impeachment inquiry on #45, setting up a historic constitutional clash just over a year before the presidential election.

And with the release of the news you already know that Donald Trump wasn’t allowing any of it to go down without having the right to sound off on the matter himself.

Fresh after the release of Pelosi’s announcement, Trump took to his main stomping grounds, Twitter, to express his absolute distaste on the investigation for his impeachment.

Surprisingly (and comically) enough he’s not the only one to weigh in on one of the latest trending topics. Soon after word got out of the investigation people rushed to Twitterverse to share how they felt about the U.S. president saying he would cooperate by releasing a “complete, fully unredacted declassified and unredacted transcript” of the phone call with the President of Ukraine which got him into this [latest] mess in the first place.

Trump says he plans to release the transcript tomorrow and one can only hope no sharpie marks will be involved.

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