• April Muldrew

Say Goodbye: Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Has Filed for Divorce

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has split from her husband.

According to TMZ, the freshman Representative filed for divorce on Friday in Minnesota from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, who is also the father of her 3 kids.

The filing comes on the heels of Omar denying a split from her husband and after her campaign consultant Tim Mynett's wife filed for divorce, alleging an affair between Mynett and Omar — which she also denies.

Her divorce adds another layer to her complicated history with her now estranged husband, Hirsi. They reportedly married in a religious ceremony in 2002, but the union was not recognized legally. The couple had 2 children together, but separated in 2008.

She went on to marry another man named Ahmed, full name: Ahmed Elmi, in Minneapolis in 2009, and this time it was legally put in the marital books. However, they reportedly split in 2011, but reportedly weren't divorced until 2017.

But Omar didn't let that stop her from moving on with her life. She and Hirsi reconciled a year after her split from Elmi, and they had another child together.

Once her divorce was finalized in 2017 with Elmi, she officially made things legal with Hirsi, and wed in 2018.

But now, they're headed for divorce.

The Congresswoman has reportedly moved out of their place and into a penthouse apartment in Minneapolis.

Whew, reading that was tiring. Best of luck and privacy for her family during this time.