• April Muldrew

Sandy Hook Promise Released a Gut Wrenching “Back to School” Video and Now I Can’t Un-See It

Yesterday, anti-violent nonprofit organization, Sandy Hook Promise, debuted an absolutely horrific PSA to highlight the harsh realities kids face with school shootings.

In the chilling video, young students excitedly show off their favorite school supplies that are soon recast as emergency survival tools to help protect them from an active school shooter.

“These scissors really come in handy in art class,” a frightened girl says while hiding behind a classroom door.

Two classmates are also shown in the hallway, one bleeding and the other taking off her sock, to put pressure on the wound of her friend.

“These socks? They can be a real-life saver.”

Then there’s the unsettling phone scene at the end. A young girl, crouched down on the floor, bawling in fear as she texts her mom what appears to be her last words: “I love you.”

The video is the latest installment of anti-violence PSAs the group releases each year, and as of this morning has already garnered 1.2 million views.

If you're not apart of the 1 milli who's already watched, you can check out the vid below.

Oh, and I warn you: This video depicts scenes of school shootings and gun violence and may require a box of Kleenex to be on hand.