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  • April Muldrew

Real Estate Company Surprises It’s 200 Employees With $10 Million In Christmas Bonuses

#AListers, forget a “thank you for your hard work and dedication” plaque, this company is showing their employees the money!

A commercial real estate firm in the mid-Atlantic is making Christmas miracles come true in the form of a hefty bag by gifting a surprise $10 million bonus to all 198 of its employees! *Inserts Oprah’s you get a car gif here.

According to Fox5Sandiego St. John Properties said the surprise was to celebrate the company’s goal of developing 20 million square feet of office, flex/RD&D, retail and warehouse space in eight states.

“To celebrate the achievement of our goal, we wanted to reward our employees in a big way that would make a significant impact on their lives,” said company founder and chairman Edward St. John. “I am thankful for every one of our employees, for their hard work and dedication. I couldn’t think of a better way to show it.”

The workers will be paid a bonus based on their years of service, with the average employee receiving $50,000.

I imagine applications for employment to this company are about to go through the roof.

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