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  • April Muldrew

Popeyes To Beyonce: Move Over Ivy Park! We’re Coming For You!

If y’all thought we were gonna be leaving the hoopla around #Popeyes in 2019 you might wanna think again.

The buzz around their famous chicken sandwich may have slowed down but now the Louisiana chicken joint is back in the headlines with the launch of their own clothing line called “That Look From Popeyes” - a play off their slogan "Love that chicken from Popeyes."

The Merch and campaign is highly similar to #Beyonce’s #IvyPark x #Adidas collection that was released and sold out within a day earlier this month.

Some believe the drop comes amidst previous comparisons between Ivy Park and Popeyes. Pointing out that Beyoncé's line used the same colors as the ones Popeyes employees wear which sparked the restaurant chain to mimick the Queen’s entire adidas drop.

Another similarity Popeyes shares with Beyonce is that most of their Merch on the site appears to already be sold out a day after their launch.

Well, if we’re being honest Beyonce diiiid hold a special place for Popeyes chicken in her heart some time ago. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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