• April Muldrew

Oprah Winfrey Gives $13 Million Donation to Morehouse University

“To move forward you have to give back.”

On Monday, Oprah Winfrey took advice from a page out of her own book when she visited #Morehouse university and gave a sizable donation to celebrate her scholarship programs 30th anniversary.

During her visit she addressed a room full of Oprah scholars showering them with words of encouragement and surprising them with her second donation announcement.

“I’m proud of you, I’m proud of everybody in attendance at this school who is seeking to know more clearly who you are, the value you hold and how you will share that value with the rest of the world.”

Oprah continued, “I was really surprised to learn that it has been 30 years since I’ve made that $12 million donation to morehouse, and so today I would like to add $13 million to that.”

One notable scholar who has benefited from Oprah’s scholarship program is civil rights activist Shaun King. After the announcement went public this is what he had to say:

I need to hurry and be my own version of Oprah STAT.