• April Muldrew

Mom Is Outraged After Son Comes Home From School With A Fake Bullet Wound On His Head

The mother of a second grader is furious after picking her son up from school and finding what appeared to be a bullet wound painted to his forehead.

Jackson, a 7-year-old student at Phillips Academy in downtown Birmingham, told his mother when she picked him up from school that it was makeup for a drama class.

But Jackson’s mother, Zakiya Milhouse, believed the move was inappropriate and hit too close to home.

“It was supposed to be a gunshot wound,” That’s when I got upset. A gunshot wound. She continued, “this actually happens to our black young men. If you saw it in person, it looked real.”

After Milhouse shared the photo of her son on social media, she received an apology from the principal and the teacher who administered the makeup.

Birmingham City Schools issued the following statement:

“Birmingham City Schools is aware of an image posted by a parent on social media depicting a wound on a student’s head. The student was participating in a theater class unit on stage, film, and special effects. The teacher sent permission forms home with students making parents aware of the unit and requesting permission to put makeup on students. Students were asked if they would like the makeup on their hands or faces, and this student chose his face. Students are never forced to participate, and they had the option to skip a design.”

I’m thinking some things should be left to the better judgement of the adult than the child eh?