• April Muldrew

Megan Thee Stallion Talks Beauty Faves, Trademarking “Hot Girl Summer” and Going Eco-Friendly

“It’s a Hot Girl Summer so you know she got it lit.”

Megan Thee Stallion might arguably be having the best 2019 so far. She went from an Underground artist to having multiple hits on the Billboard charts, and winning her first MTV Video Music Award for best power anthem, “Hot Girl Summer” featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign.

Although summer has come to an end, things don’t seem to be cooling off for the XXL Freshman anytime soon. She just signed to Roc Nation management, AND Sis is doing her thing academically by enrolling in online courses at Texas Southern University to complete her degree in health administration.

Recently the Hot Girl took a quick minute to sit down with Allure to discuss her beauty favorites, why trademarking “Hot Girl Summer” is necessary, and why she’s encouraging her Hotties to be eco-friendly.

Megan’s Beauty Favorites and Must Haves:

“I don't ever think I say this right. I don't know if it's "nicks" or if it's "N-Y-X." Okay, so it's Nyx. I always use their lip liner, just a brown lip pencil. I love beauty supply lip gloss. Any cheap, 99-cent lip gloss. I use it, it stays on all day. You can eat anything and it will still be on your lips. You can drink anything, it's still on there. Beauty supply lip gloss is lit. I would buy that before I would buy some $20 one.”

Must haves: Black liquid eyeliner, Fenty foundation, and lip liner.

Coining the phrase “Hot Girl Summer”:

“I really didn't even know that it was gonna catch on how it did. When I saw Wendy's and Forever 21 saying, ‘Hey, are you having a Hot Girl Summer?’ I was like, ‘Hell no, Forever 21, you're going to have to pay me.’ But I just wanted to get it trademarked because it's me. It's my thing."

Megan on becoming eco-friendly:

“So one day I was on Twitter and we were just having a random conversation about "Hot Girl Summer," and this girl tweeted, "Hey, Megan, I know you're having a Hot Girl Summer, but can we please do something about the environment? I don't have a big platform and I just want to talk about it. Please help. Somebody needs to listen." So I was like, ‘you're right. But what can we do? Can you just put up some things that the Hotties as a group can start doing to help the cause?’ There were like so many. I didn't even know I had this many vegan Hotties and this many eco-friendly Hotties. There were just so many people coming to me with tips."

"I saw somebody teaching us about using metal straws, and somebody letting us know the importance of recycling and everything. So definitely now when I'm drinking out of something plastic, I'm at the airport looking for the recycling bin. Someone bought me a metal canister for my water, so now I try to use that more than just drinking out of water bottles."