• April Muldrew

McDonald’s Is Testing Out A New Plant Based Burger Called the “PLT” And I Think I’m Here for It

Ok Mickey D’s. I’m listening…

McDonald's is the latest fast food chain to hop on the health conscious and environmentally clean band wagon with the announcement of their latest menu offering – a new plant based burger called the “PLT”.

Thursday, McDonald's VP of Global Menu Strategy, Ann Wahlgren, announced the company would be launching a 12-week test of the plant-based PLT burger in 28 restaurant locations in Southwestern Ontario.

"McDonald's has a proud legacy of fun, delicious, and craveable food—and now, we're extending that to a test of a juicy, plant-based burger. We've been working on our recipe and now we're ready to hear feedback from our customers."

The new burger is made possible by Beyond Meat, with CEO and founder Ethan Brown sharing Thursday that the partnership with McDonald's marks the culmination of a decade-strong goal he set for himself and his company.

"It comes after a long and productive collaboration to make a delicious plant-based patty that fits seamlessly into McDonald's menu, and we're thrilled with the outcome"

The "PLT," which boasts no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, will be competitively priced during the test period at $6.49 CAD (roughly $4.89 USD).

Hmm, a PLT with an order of McDonald's fresh fries? I think I can dig this.

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