• April Muldrew

To Heel or Not to Heel? That Is The Question.

I love a good heel.

For one, they can elevate just about any look you have (figuratively and literally speaking), and secondly, they’re my 5’2 frames go to whenever I’m feeling the need to add a couple of inches to my height.

BUT at the same time, I’m also very drawn to a stylishly good sneaker *inserts indecisive much here*.

Deciding between the two sometimes makes me feel like I’m asking myself whether I want to be a fashionable Jekel for the day, or a #streetwear Mrs. ‘Hyde.’

It’s the classic 1st world dilemma of having to choose between toning down an over the top look with a pair of classic sneaks (while simultaneously giving my 6 ½ wearing feet a break) or settling for a slinky stiletto – You know, the kind that lets the people know, when you've entered into a room…YOU'VE ARRIVED.

So A-Listers, I’m enlisting your help to end the fight between my shoe alter egos once and for all!

Check out the below looks and let me know if you prefer to heel or not to heel? Because by all means, that is the question.