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Man Shoots Girlfriend In The Head And Tells Her She Was In A Car Accident When She Survives

Imagine being hit upside the head and then told by the one delivering the blow that you’d actually just tripped and fallen instead. Yea. The confusion and audacity of it all is baffling to me too.

A-Listers, meet Mr. “Got Dang” Jerronate Cain.

A 39-Year-Old criminal who managed to pull off a similar but much worse stunt on his then girlfriend, 42-year-old Nicole Gordon.

Cain woke up one morning and decided it would be a great idea to put a bullet in his lover’s head, but unfortunately (for him) the unthinkable happened. She didn't die.

Once she came to, Jerrontae told her she had been in a car accident and cut by glass instead.

According to PEOPLE, Gordon first discovered what had happened to her on June 25, 2017, when a friend took her to the Atlanta Medical Center to undergo an evaluation for severe headaches, memory loss, and trouble communicating.

During her assessment, doctors discovered a bullet lodged in the rear of her skull. Since the bullet was in such a delicate position the doctors told her it would have to stay there, as any attempt to remove it could cause death.

When recounting what happened to police Gordon says she doesn’t remember being shot but does remember having an argument with Cain when the driver’s side window of her vehicle broke, causing shattered glass to crash down on her face.

Authorities later questioned Cain, who maintained that Gordon had been in an accident and had hit a tree.

But when police investigated the crime scene, they found inconsistencies with Cain’s explanation, and issued a warrant for his arrest.

It would take over a year for cops to track down Cain but he was eventually found in January 2019, hiding in the attic at a home in College Park, and surrendered after a two-hour standoff.

Cain was sentenced to a total of 30 years, 25 of which will be served in prison. The remaining 5 will be on probation.

This story is just CUH-razy. Be careful who you mess with people.

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