• April Muldrew

Man Kills Mom’s Dog After She Wouldn’t Let Him Have Sex In Her Home

#AListers, this is why it’s important to have mind over impassioned matter.

A Texas man has been charged with killing his mom’s dog on Saturday after she refused to let him have sex in her San Antonio home, according to NBC News.

James Garcia, who turns 40 on his next birthday, reportedly asked his mother’s permission to bring a woman into the house for a little hanky panky and the mom shot down his request with a quick no

Cops said Garcia then picked up his mom’s little dog, whose name was Roxie, and launched her 18 feet across the house. The animal landed on a hard kitchen floor, where its heart burst and it bled to death.

Garcia had been living with his mom sporadically for the past four years and reportedly kept a room in her home.

Sorry to this man. 🤦🏾‍♀️