• April Muldrew

Kirk Franklin: I’m Done With Christian T.V. and Awards Shows!

#KirkFranklin recently announced that he’s done with Christian television network #TBN and the #DoveAwards after the two silenced his acceptance speeches that shed light on police brutality.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram, the “Stomp singer said he “felt like quitting” and was heartbroken he would even have to share news of him boycotting.

For a little backstory: In 2016 Kirk was honored with a dove award and decided to use his acceptance speech to highlight the police murders of #PhilandoCastile and #WalterScott. However when the show aired his remarks were completely cut out. 🙃

Fast forward to 2019, and Kirk gets honored again - this time using his platform to recognize the life and death of #AtatianaJefferson, who was murdered by police in her own home in front of her 8 year old nephew while playing video games. But to his utter surprise and disappointment the remarks were removed again.

Kirk says the goal for the boycott will forever be “reconciliation and accountability,” and reminds us “that we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.”

Whelp, if you don’t stand for something...