• April Muldrew

It Wasn’t Me: Stacey Dash Claims Self Defense in Recent Domestic Violence Arrest

Stacey Dash was reportedly arrested for domestic violence over the weekend but she’s claiming it was simply self-defense.

According to TMZ, cops were called to her Pasco County home around 7:45 on Sunday to respond to a domestic dispute between the “Clueless” star and her husband, Jeffrey Marty.

Originally it was reported that Stacey was the aggressor in the marital scuffle that ended with scratches on Jeff’s left arm.

But now Stacey’s Manager is claiming that’s not the case.

According to the manager, Stacey's husband attacked first, and tried to choke Stacey which prompted her to defend herself - resulting in the scratches on his arm. The manager also says Stacey is the one who called 911 but was arrested instead because she didn't have any marks on her body.

Stacey was taken into custody and being held on $500 bail.