• April Muldrew

It’s Official: Kanye Confirms “Jesus Is King” Album Drop

Could this be the old Ye’ with a new purpose?

We’ve smelled this musical brew simmering for quite some time now.

It all started with videos of #KanyeWest and his powerhouse of a choir, Sunday Service, blessing the internets with spiritual renditions of popular Hip Hop and RnB tunes as well as some of our cherished gospel favorites.

Then a couple of weeks ago his wife #KimKardashian subliminally dropped what appeared to be a track list for 'Ye's next album titled, “Jesus Is King.”

And now, we guess no more.

Recently the “Jesus Walks” rapper was spotted in Batesville, Indiana showing support to Infinity Song and Victory Boyd who are signed to Roc Nation, and it was there he announced that he would be releasing an album by the end of this month.

According to TMZ, he’s not only a fan of the artists but has a strong bond with the family. John Boyd, the father of Victoria, is someone Yeezy looks to for spiritual support.

The album is slated to drop September 27th.

Ok so, I’m mild-key (yes, not low and not high *shrugs*) excited about this. I’m not sure what the album is gonna have on it, but if it’s anything like what Sunday Service has been giving us these past few months, Bring it. On.

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