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  • April Muldrew

I’ll Pass: Shaggy Skips Out On Working With Rihanna Because He Had To Audition

#AListers, as we continue to go through 2020 it’s important that we remember the value in knowing our worth. Even if it means turning down an opportunity as grand as working with bad gal #RiRi herself. 😩

Reggae singer #Shaggy has reportedly passed on a chance to collaborate with #Rihanna on her highly anticipated (and according to The Navy, long overdue) #R9 project.

According to people, the 51-year-old turned down the deal once he was told he would have to audition for a spot on the album.

“They approached me for the Rihanna project, yeah. There’s a lot of great people involved but for me I didn’t need to audition to be on the record, I’ll leave that to younger guys. But from what I hear, it should be good.”

Last year, Rihanna told Vogue that her long-awaited album would definitely be a “reggae-inspired or reggae-infused” piece of work.

This may seem odd, but I actually respect him for his decision. 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

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