• April Muldrew

H&M Under Fire for Featuring Young Model with Messy Natural Hair

Somebody call H&M and tell them Solange’s "Don’t Touch My Hair" isn’t literal. That is, in this case…

H&M is back under marketing fire after releasing their latest campaign featuring a kid model whose natural hair is evidently unkept.

The infamous picture of the young girl modeling a floral hoodie started making it’s rounds on Thursday when some started noticing how her hair was styled in well…a struggle bun.

One of the biggest critiques of the campaign was made by celebrity hairstylist Vernon Francois, who blamed the incident on professionals who were incapable of styling black hair.

“It’s essential that we have a conversation about this photograph from the @hm_kids campaign…This beautiful young girl’s #kinky hair appears to have had little to no attention yet all of her counterparts have clearly sat in front of someone who was more than capable of styling other hair textures.”

Others had a different take on the ad and shared screenshots from the other kid models photographed for the campaign.

A spokesperson for H&M also provided a statement defending the choice of photos for the ad.

“We are aware of the comments regarding one of our models for H&M Kids. We truly believe that all kids should be allowed to be kids. The school-aged kids who model for us come to the photo studio in the afternoon after school and we aim for a natural look which reflects that.”

But…you couldn’t at least smooth the sides?

Ion know A-Listers, what do you guys think? Was this a “you tried it” moment or sincerely a move to encourage kids to be themselves?