• April Muldrew

GUILTY: Ex-Cop Amber Guyger Has Been Found Guilty for The Murder of Neighbor Botham Jean

THROW THE BOOK AT HER! I mean…Thank you Dallas County for this proper murder conviction.

It’s a bittersweet day for the family of Botham Jean, and honestly for a lot of us. Earlier, the jury found former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger guilty of murder after less than 24 hours of deliberation.

Upon hearing the news Jean’s family broke out in tears of joy and celebration. According to CNN, Botham’s mother immediately threw her arms up, while another woman started screaming shouts of praise which caused her to receive a brief scolding from the bailiff.

Everyone was happy about the verdict. Including the public who began clapping loudly and shouting “black lives matter” when the courtroom doors were opened.

Yes, everyone was happy – except for Amber Guyger’s mother.

After the verdict, Guyger’s mom broke down in tears for her daughter who is facing up to life in prison for the unruly murder of Botham.

Attorney S. Lee Merritt, who represents Botham Jean's family, reacted on Twitter following the guilty verdict.

Guyger was indicted last year after fatally shooting her unarmed neighbor, Botham Jean, in his apartment, which she said she mistook as hers.

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