• April Muldrew

She’s Gotta Have It: Top Trends for Fall 2019

Attention please! Calling all #HotGirlSummer passengers to board flight SUMR2019. I repeat, flight SUMR2019 is now boarding. Fall is coming.

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Our 2019 Summer stay has come to an end, and now it’s time for us to pack our bags and take flight to the next destination: Top Trends for Fall 2019.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight into this season’s best trends.

Snatched Waist [For Suit Styling]

Cinched suiting has become a thing, and I’m loving it because it screams femininity, class, and gives off major boss babe vibes. We’ve seen this kind of look played out on queen Rih’s structured suit jackets found in her second collection release by Fenty, and this same style will be taking over in the fall. Luxury designers like Prada and Marni have debuted the look as well. To be up on the trend, go out and buy yourself a stylish belt (if you don’t already have one) and cinch your favorite suit or over sized garment of choice.

Itty Bitty Bag Committee

This is where “absurdity meets charm”. Small bags have become a thing as of late and for the upcoming fall season a small structured bag will remain a fashionista’s go to. If you dare to express yourself even louder remember the weirder the shape the better. So go all out and make sure, when you’re on the go with this impractical accessory, that you carry nothing more than one air pod, your debit card and possibly your favorite lip gloss for retouching (that is if it can fit in the bag).

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Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen, Brandon Maxwell

Purple is the New Black

Looking for a color to stand out in this fall? Well have no fear my stylish A-Listers, Lavender is here. The soft violet hue is said to be the successor to 2018’s Millennial Pink and I’m all here for it. Especially since the the color looks great on every fascinating skin tone (in my humble opinion of course). The orchid tone compliments every panache mood from all over monochromatic vibes to hints of lavender with your accessories.

Chunky Jewelry

Dainty jewelry is a thing of the past, and chunky trinkets are making a comeback. The statement pieces that were arguably deemed as an outdated look are reentering into our beloved jewelry boxes this season. Word on the fashion streets is that the chain link necklaces will be a huge hit. You’re welcome.

Thank you for traveling with us A-Listers. We hope you enjoy your Fall stay and look forward to seeing you again soon.