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  • April Muldrew

Black Girl Magic: Candice Storey Lee Becomes First Female Athletic Director In The SEC

#AListers, y’all wanna hear about some groundbreaking #BlackGirlMagic? 👀 Well here ya go!

Ladies and Genteleman, meet #CandiceStoreyLee. Candice is #Vanderbilt university’s FIRST

female athletic director and the FIRST African American woman to head an #SEC athletics program! đŸ™ŒđŸŸđŸ‘đŸŸ

A former standout student-athlete and three-time graduate of the university, Candice has been named interim vice chancellor for athletics and university affairs and interim athletic director, effective immediately.

Upon hearing the news of Lee taking on the role of Vanderbilt’s athletic director, multiple coaches from the sports program have excitedly backed the university’s decision to hire Lee as interim.

“Candice and I have worked together at Vanderbilt for 18 years. It has been very enjoyable to watch her grow from a model student-athlete to someone who now models the behaviors of a strong leader in college athletics. Where she has shined most is through transitional times in our department,” Head Baseball Coach Tim Corbin said. “Candice is intuitive, communicates extremely well, is unafraid of challenges and operates with great care around people. She is my friend, a trusted colleague and someone I have leaned on through our time here at Vanderbilt. I look forward to working with her in her new role.”

Head Men’s Golf Coach Scott Limbaugh also spoke highly of the university’s decision saying, “Candice has been a trusted adviser throughout my time at Vanderbilt—I rely on her experience, expertise and constant focus on the success of our program and the well-being of our student-athletes. I am excited to work with her in this new capacity to build upon the success we’ve experienced over the past several years.”

Lee has been a key driver of the development of the Vanderbilt Strategic Plan for Athletics, which will outline the university’s vision to develop the best student-athlete experience in college athletics. The plan, expected to be announced in the coming weeks, will take a holistic and integrated approach to improving the student-athlete experience.

Hats off to Vanderbilt for taking such a bold step in pushing the SEC forward with such a diverse move!

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